Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Just a Couple Quick Ones

Bethelle took a couple series of sewing lessons from a neighbor.  I was so pleased to get her in these lessons.  All she had wanted for Christmas the December before was a sewing machine.  We had practiced on it a little, but most of my life in the months before this picture can be summed up in these words: morning sickness, infant.  I had been saying "no" and "later" or "next year" to her a lot.  I was getting pretty sad about it.  She just wants to do great things with me!

She made some cute things, like a headband, a shoulder bag, and a stuffed owl.
 And this is my Piercy in early October, so he was almost six months.
Below is, of course, Bethelle's halloween costume.  We ordered it online.  The package says "Child size 4-6."  She is a size 6, but I figured that halloween costumes run big, and she certainly would look silly in an 8-10.  I didn't realize they ran quite so big.  She put it on very excitedly, and came out of her room depressed.  She said, "I look fat..."  Now, I don't like hearing that from a seven year-old... but she did!  The thing was stiff and huge.  It was terrible.  She was so sad.  I think she thought I would say, "That's the costume you picked, so that's the costume you will wear."  I have been known to say things like that.  I make them own their decisions, especially when I paid for them.  Well, this was not what she had decided on!  I thought that it looked big enough for me.  And it was!  I am even wearing a sweater under it!
And just to add one more random item:

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