Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Smartie Pants

Curie has been out smarting me lately. She asked me to spell "euoof" for her. Well, considering that she can't say her r's and that her th's sound like f's, I replied, "E-A-R-T-H." She complained at me and asked again, so I tried "O-F-F."

Yes. That was what she meant. Off.

Wait a sec. She's three. How did she know I had spelled the wrong word?

Today as I was beeping at the oven, she asked what I was doing, then looked at the oven. "Oh, you turned it on," she said as she looked at a little light that said ON. (She read it?). She kept looking all over the oven and got upset that she could not find the on button. I showed her the START button and said that you press that to turn it on. She was OK with that.

And now she is spouting lists of letters at me and asking me what they spell. List like LOKHMI and RRDINDE. Then she got to LLRT. I replied "lert." She asked what that meant. It's just a silly word. It doesn't mean anything. Then she lit up. "I know what that means! It's a problem!"

Lert. A problem. A lert. Alert.

Alert! Alert!

Yes. It's a problem. Sorry I'm not keeping up. Who's teaching who around here anyway?

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Marisa said...

She is so stinkin adorable! I love being surprised by my kids.