Monday, March 4, 2013

Coming Home

I haven't been here for a long time.  Maybe you noticed; maybe not.  This was due to a lot of reasons, most of whom are nine months old now.  Ironically, those valid reasons that kept me away from the computer also need to be documented.

And so I am back.  I hope to be quite a force here for a little while, as I catch up on life.  I plan to step back and try to capture the times that are now pretty distant.  I know that my write-ups will not reflect the subtleties that I like to tell you about; I already can't remember them.  But I'll try.  And then I'll move forward.  And it'll be like old times.


Meagan Kemp said...

I missed you! Welcome back!

Rita said...

So glad you are back and feel that you have the time. The things you record about the family are always so cute. You have a very sweet palate to work from-your family. Grandma J.