Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bethelle's Secret Garden

As promised, I've taken some pictures of Bethelle's new "big girl" room.  Her nursery and most of her baby clothes were green and yellow... not very girly... but she is a total girl.  She loves flowers and purple, so between that and her mother's love of the classics, she got a secret garden room.

This is a picture through the door as you enter.

The rock wall around the garden took a LONG time!  I wanted to buy fabric that looked like a wall, but I just couldn't find any.  I did find some decent wallpaper, but muslin is $1 per yard, so that's what we got.  I then stenciled the whole 15 yards and sprayed it with a little glitter.  After all this work and getting it up on the wall, I was two feet short!  I about passed out.  Then realized that this hole would be a perfect place for a bush!

A couple more shots...
The spot above the headboard is bare...  Any suggestions?
Gotta have flowers going out of the baseboards.  What a green thumb!
Another shot of the bed.  This was the deal of the year.  I got the coolest fabric.  It is a cross between velvet and minkie (if you know what that is) and was only a dollar a yard!  I am a complete sucker for a good clearance.  They had a little more than I needed, but I had to buy it all.  When Nick saw it, he said, "Isn't that too sexy for a toddler?"


James & Michelle said...

That room is so dang cute! You are quite artistic whether you believe it or not. Bethelle has got to have the coolest room for any toddler around. The fabric is a little sexy, but hey it works :). I'm glad you have a blog so I can see what's happening with you and your fam!

The Sorenson Family said...

sooo cute!!! I can' let my girls see this or they'll make me do it for their room - and that would not end up nearly as cute as yours! You are so creative!
- Sara xx