Thursday, January 10, 2008

It's fun to stay at the...

There's a brand new YMCA in Gig Harbor.  It's beautiful and it beckons me.
This week, Bethelle and I became members.  For a reasonable fee, we get all the elliptical machines, aerobics, weight machines, ballet classes, and swimming lessons we can handle.  I went twice today.
The big news of the day is really that Bethelle had her first ballet lesson.  It was so adorable.  Seeing her in her leotard among the other girls, I had an out-of-body/deja-vu experience.  She looked just like every picture I've ever seen of myself among peers as a child: the tiniest little thing in the bunch.
The YMCA now ranks among her top two destinations, the other being Costco.  Both are also future career paths for her.  She now either wants to be a "Costco lady," drawing pictures on the "lists" as people exit, or on the Pony dance team (keep reading).  Also, YMCA and Costco are the only two words she can read other than her name, "Mommy," and "Daddy".
Last Tuesday, my mom took Bethelle and her cousin Haley to the My Little Pony Live show.  She must have figured out that there were people in those ponies, because she wants to be one of them, but she knows that she has to learn how to dance first.  I believe that this was the primary motivation for getting past some last-minute anxiety before her first class.

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The Sorenson Family said...

so cute!!! Isn't it so much fun to see our little ones out there in the world like that? Sniff... they grow up so fast!