Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Our Little Missionary

I mentioned in the last blog that Nick spends a lot of time in his calling.  Last Saturday he had a morning meeting for a couple hours.  While he was gone, the missionaries called to see if he could meet them at the church at 2 for a building tour with some investigators.  I had thoughts that maybe they should be asking people who don't already devote 4 days per week to their calling.
Nick did go to meet with them and he took Bethelle along.  They stopped to pick up the investigators, a couple of teenage boys, but they had excuses and would not be coming.  Bethelle then suggested that they find some other children to bring to church and even suggested a few that she knew.  She then came home and told me about it and that she really thought that these friends would like church.  I said, "You think they would like to play with the toys?"
"Silly Mommy, there's no toys at church, just at nursery!"
I was so impressed that she was even thinking of how great sacrament meeting is and wanted to share that, not just nursery.  I was grateful that the missionaries called us and that Bethelle got to learn by example that it is important to share the gospel.  The time we spend in our callings can really bless our lives.

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Melinda Jones said...

Impressive! I think she'll be doing a lot more of that in the future. What a cute little girl. Love you guys.