Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Yesterday Rigby was looking through the baby gate trying to find Nick.  I said to Bethelle, "Rigby loves Daddy."

Bethelle: "I love Daddy too.  I love Daddy the most."

Me: "You love me the most too, right?"

Bethelle:  "No, I just love Daddy the most.  You can only love one thing the most."

True, I thought.

Bethelle: "Wait!  I love two things the most: Daddy and boats!"

. . . . . . . . .

Friday afternoon we went on a family walk around the water in Silverdale.  We stopped in at a little trailer with a sign that said, "Kitsap County Republican Headquarters" where we picked up a few signs.  They were out of anything with "Palin" on it.  Understandable.

Walking back along the water, Bethelle mused aloud, "I love Sister Palin."


The Sorenson Family said...

Haha, sorry you have to take a backseat to Daddy and boats, kids can be so fickle! At least she didn't say "I love sister Palin the most!" Thanks for the laugh!
- Sara xx

Stephanie said...

That is hilarious!