Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Nick!

And Trevor and Rachel and Juliet and anyone else I've missed.

Let's all raise a "post" (ha ha, I must be a Rushton... or a Lilly) to the greatest husband and father I have ever known and could have ever hoped to meet.  Nick is a man whose greatest aspiration is to always do the right thing.  How lucky can a girl get?

And, since everyone asks this question when they find out his birthday is 9/11, he was out of the country on his mission in '01.  I'm grateful for that.  He can just live it up on his big day without the stinging memories.


Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday Nick!!!!!

Janna said...

Nick!!! Happy Birthday from the sunny red sand paradise of St. George. Kevin got home from his mission yesterday and we are all just staring at him and laughing and loving having him home. Hope you had a great day. You deserve it.

Jonathan, Mandy & the girls said...

Happy Birthday Nick! How old are you anyway, 29? I was also on my mission during 9/11, in the country, but nonetheless aloof and the whole experience is a gaping hole for me. I can't relate to what everyone else felt and saw and remembers because I didn't get to sit glued to the set. Anyway, that was a big sidenote. Hope you had an extra special b-day with whoever makes your day extra special.

Garth said...

Happy Birthday, Nick! Thanks for being such a great hubbie to our daughter and such a great daddy to Bethelle and Rigby. It means the world to us!
We love you, Garth and Rita (Mom and Dad J.)