Thursday, September 4, 2008

Theme and Variations in R minor

Diminutives of Rigby that we call him (OK, they at least begin with "R"):
Rigs, Rig, Riggy, Rigby Bamboo, Roo, Rooster, Roost, Riggalish (think: ticklish), Rigglicious (think: delicious), Rig-a-by, Super Rigs, Super Rigby (he can sing his own theme song)

Diminutives of Bethelle that we call her:
There aren't any.  It's just Bethelle.  OK, I guess a long time ago we called her "B," "Baby B," "Beezer," or "Beezy."

note:  After reading this, Nick informs me that we have plenty of nicknames for Bethelle.  They just aren't derivatives of her name.  We call her Pretty, Princess, Beautiful, Sweatheart, Honey, etc.  They aren't derivatives of her name, but I guess they are nicknames.

second note:   I actually call her "Mommy" a lot.  She calls me "Beffelle".  This is her favorite game.

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The Sorenson Family said...

that's awesome! It's funny but I think I have almost as many names for my little ones! I love how you put them all together like that, I might have to steal you idea to see if I can remember all the ones used for my babes!
I love Rigalish!
I once heard a saying that goes "a person loved has many names." It must be true! Sorry, Bethelle;)