Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Best Sister in the Wuld

I neglected to add these pictures to the post on Rigby's birthday.

Bethelle made him the most precious card:
 (Rigby, Happy Birthday)
 (Rigby, Happy birthday.  I *heart* you, Rigby.  You are the best brother in the whole wide world.  *heart* Bethelle)
 Who wouldn't love a gift like that for your birthday?  These two are best friends, and Curie is moving right in on their fun.  Let it last, let it last, let it last...

Bethelle is intensely creative.  She thinks and plans like it's a drug.  She begins shaking in withdrawal when she is kept from crafting.

When she saw me looking for Peter Pan birthday cake (or "kace") ideas, she drew this one up for me:
I think that it is incredible!  Look how she has the viewer flying over Never Land with Peter, looking down at the tiny island and ship.  That is great perspective.  I wish I could have made it, but Rigby changed his mind to Lightening McQueen (as seen in the earlier birthday post).

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Elise said...

Very cute! We have a crafter over here too. I should love it. Mostly it just drives me crazy cleaning up.

How's she liking Kindergarten?