Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ups and Downs

This fall, we experienced the best autumn weather that I can remember.  A couple days of rain threatened a change of season, but then the sun came back with a vengeance.  November even hosted a couple days of seventy degree weather.

I took the kids to the park nearly every day.  I'd like to say that I did it because I am such a great mom.  Truthfully, we went because we don't have a yard and because I was sure that each sunny day would be the last.  I am grateful to have postponed the shut-up-in-the-house blues.
 Another fall favorite for me has been seeing Rigby in a hat every day.  Boys just don't have all the fur on their head that we ladies have, so he always wore his Michael Jordan or his Masters hat when we went out.  He is so cute in them.  Just don't tell him that I said "cute."  He insists that he is only "handsome."

"And I'm not smart," he adds.  I am working to break him of that.
 Did you ride the tire swing as a kid?  It was my favorite.  I remember that it made some kids sick, but I loved it.  I seem to have given this love to Bethelle.  She'll ride it for what seems like forever.  She wants it fast and high.  I tried it again after probably 20 years absence.  Yes, I gave the love of it to Bethelle.  Completely.  I no longer have it.
 I've been considering a third haircut for Bethelle.  This picture makes me reconsider.
Two weeks after the November heatwave, the northwest froze over.  We had about two or three inches of snow just before Thanksgiving.  Our power was out for about 24 hours, but we were fortunate that it returned in the evening just as we were getting cold.  Most of the island was without for about three days, but living near the only major grocery store has its perks, including power priority.

By the time the roads were clear, the grocery shelves were wanting and the gas station had run out of all but the most expensive octane.  What a dependent life we lead.  Time to stock up!

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