Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pabby's Birthday

Let's all flashback to October 23rd for a moment.  Nick and I took the kids to his parents' home for a little birthday party for his dad.  I'm still having to catch up due to the season of computer trouble I had recently.

A good parent will take care not to call a function a "birthday party" if it does not include at least four of the following: streamers, bounce house, licensed character plates and cups, party games, and a goodie bag.

Upon entering their house, Rigby's first words to his grandma was to ask what kind of party this was.  What kind?  Umm... Pabby's birthday.  No, Grandma, what kind?

Grandma turned out to be no help at all, so Rigby deemed it a golf themed birthday.  I thought that was pretty sweet.  He went with his grandpa's favorite rather than his own.

So Grandma washed a golf ball for the cake, and here is Pabby's golf birthday party:

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