Sunday, December 12, 2010

This Tiny Who Daughter

Our ward (congregation) Christmas party was a Grinch-themed Spectacular.  We have a resident theatrical genius who planned a dinner theater narration and presentation of the story complete with costumed characters and a flash mob of "Welcome Christmas" (the song from the cartoon Grinch movie).

The Grinch himself was fantastic.  He had a lot of energy.  Some of the kids were legitimately scared.
 All attendees were encouraged to dress as "Who's" from "Whoville" for the dinner.  Four of our five made a feeble attempt at being festive...
 ... but Bethelle was the crowning jewel of the night, as usual.  This time it was because she was Cindy Lou Who in the play.  My next post will be on that crazy hair of hers.  Oh, the hair!

Here they are in the green room.  Oh, that's funny.  The green room.
When I first told her about being in the play, she was so nervous.   I was shocked.  This girl of mine loooves being the center of attention.  She has a firm belief that the room lights up when she walks into it.  She likes nothing more than to be oogled over.  So what where those nerves?  At first she told me that she would not do it.  I told her that it was her choice, but that I wanted her to take a little time to think about it.  I knew that if she turned it down, she would be sad to watch someone else play the part.

As you can see, she came around.  She did a great job in her little part and she got all the oogling a girl could hope for.


Ashley C said...

What a fun ward party! That's so cool. Bethelle looks adorable. You are one committed hair stylist. I'm surprised she sat still for that long.

James and Michelle said...