Saturday, February 12, 2011

Huntington Park

When I told the kids where we were headed today, Bethelle wanted to know if we would be hunting there.  No.  Don't think they allow that in the city limits.

From our home, we walked along the edge of the financial district, through Chinatown, and up, up, up Nob Hill to reach Huntington Park.  These are the streets of San Francisco legend.
And I pushed the stroller to the top.
The park is beautifully landscaped and well manicured.  It has a European courtyard feel with a pretty fountain in the middle.
The playground was not as well maintained, but the kids didn't mind.
Did I mention that I like swing pictures?  By the way, Rachel B., I blame you for that.

Bethelle made an angel in the sand.
Rigby did too, but then he just looked like a lost, thirsty traveler in the Sahara.
Curie gave it a try too.  I guess it looked like fun.  Her theme was "ostrich."
I don't really think that we'll go back.  It's just not worth a repeat of that hill.  Fortuitously, we found another park on the way home that we will give a try another time.  It looks secure; great for young kids and not crowded, even on a beautiful Saturday.

And it's only part way up the hill.

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Paul said...

Elke, is that a Karman Ghia in the hillside picture? Nice.........