Monday, February 28, 2011

Anticipation vs. Surprise

There was a time when Nick and I wanted to take the kids to Disneyland.  This phase lasted a couple years.  When we told them, they had to wait several months.  We planned every moment and every dollar.  We scheduled, prioritized, and focused to maintain sanity in the day-to-day as we waited.  We finally went, and it was everything we had hoped.
On Wednesday evening, Nick confirmed that he would have Friday off.  Jimmer (read on if you don't know that name) and Casey (Nick's brother) would be in San Diego.  I have an aunt and uncle as well as as a dear, long-time friend just south of LA.  We have three kids.  Let's go to Disneyland.  Let's leave in 24 hours.
I emailed my friends and family.  Nick made arrangements with his brother to get a basketball ticket.  The next morning, we told the kids that we were leaving for vacation that night.  They were excited and didn't really ask questions, so we didn't answer any.  As the day wore on, I saw that Rigby, nonchalantly, thought we were moving.  No big deal, but why aren't we packing more?
We told the kids that we would have a great family day at a big park.  True.  We told them we could leave if they didn't like it.  True.  There was no one moment where they figured it out.  As we walked from the car to the entrance, the suspicion built and built into confidence in Bethelle.  She sent her friend at home an email that said her parents were "sneaky" and that she never thought she would be going to Disneyland again so soon.
This time, we just winged it and had a relaxed time.  We were at home.  But a few things had changed.  For one, Rigby had grown!  He was tall enough for the Matterhorn and the Gadget Go Coaster.  I was a bit concerned, because the boy does not do scary.  He leaves a movie if there is so much as a villain.  He loved the roller coasters!  I'm so glad we gave him that chance despite some reservations.  The other main difference was a vibrant 18 month-old.  The baby who observed so sweetly from her stroller and baby carrier nine months ago screamed and ran and laughed and danced.  I'm glad that the five day stay was with the baby and that the one day visit was with the ... the...  I will not say that she is no longer a baby.
Sorry to say, but this trip was as much of a surprise to our gracious hosts, my aunt and uncle, as it was to us.  And yet my sweet aunt Karen set up her house for five guests and even made a grocery run for some kid food before we arrived.  She bought four different boxes of fruit snacks for my three children, just to be sure that she bought the right character shapes for them.
Jimmer Fredette was a very big reason for the whole, sudden trip.  If you care enough to read this blog, you know that Nick is a sports fan.  Big time.  And Jimmer Fredette is sports.  Nick says he is the best basketball player that college fans have seen in a decade or two.  And he plays for BYU.  Not that Nick went there, but I did!  And Nick has Y love.  Up until 12 hours before the game, Nick's ticket ownership status was up in the air.  But as everything had this weekend, it all worked out at the last minute and Nick had a dream of a day.  I won't give you the whole storyline, but this was the biggest game in San Diego State's history.  Jimmer won one of the best games Nick has ever witnessed.
Nick snuck court-side and snatched this picture of his hero.
The game was standing-room only.  The rest of the basketball world watched on TV.
While in town, Nick made a stop at a "top three" (for him) temple.
Check this building out!  Beauty, art... grandeur!
You should really click on this one.  View it big.  It's worth it.
So, anticipation vs. surprise.  Which do you prefer?


Paul said...

Beautiful Elke, the whole post is just beautiful! Thanks for sharing all of your excitement and travels. Patsy

Meagan Kemp said...

Another vote for Best. Parent. Ever! I vote for surprise for sure.

H+B Jackson said...

So Jealous! I am glad it all worked out so well!

Oh and a little tid bit about the SD was designed by Jewish Architects!