Monday, August 1, 2011


Last Wednesday found the kids and I at Remlinger Farms, picking raspberries.  I'll admit that I was nervous about bringing Curie out in the fields and being able to keep tabs on her while accomplishing anything.  However, I have a problem with feeling confined just because I am doing what I think is right for me (aka having babies), so between being stubborn and having an encouraging husband, I ended up with the above box of berries.  At two bucks per pound, I would have loved to pick more, but the inevitable limit hit and we headed for the car.  In all, we picked 7.5 pounds.  Not bad.  And I honestly think that Bethelle and Rigby picked almost half of them.  They learned well and really enjoyed it.

But even better than picking berries is squishing berries.  They had to really leverage their entire body weight to get the job done, but it's a squirty, squishy, bright red job, and somebody's got to do it.  We made four batches of raspberry freezer jam and one of raspberry/peach, although that one is not setting up well and may be better used on pancakes and ice cream, but who's complaining?

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