Friday, November 2, 2012

Capitalism at Bedtime

Curie has recently vacated the nursery for Pierce.  She now shares Rigby's room, and his bunkbed.  She sleeps in the full-size bottom bed.  Rigby is technically assigned the top bunk, but he usually makes his nest below with Curie.

Two nights ago, bedtime went like this:

Curie: "Daddy, Rigby's on me!  Get Rigby off!"

Nick: "Rigby, move over to your side."

Rigby: "I just want to snuggle her!"

Curie: "Get him off!"

Nick: "It's her choice if she wants to snuggle.  You can't snuggle her if she doesn't want to."

Rigby sadly slides to his side of the bed.

Rigby: "Curie..."

Nick: "Go to sleep."

Rigby: "Curie..."

Nick: "Go to sleep."

Rigby: "I just have to tell her something."

Nick: "You can tell her in the morning.  Go to sleep."

Rigby: "I have to tell her tonight!  Just one thing."

Nick: "Ok, one thing.  Then go to sleep."

Rigby: "Curie, if you snuggle me, I'll give you a penny."


Brooke said...

Brilliant! Who could turn down an offer like that?

Paul Rushton said...

Elke, thank you so much. Brings back precious memories for me and the mission field. Also, great trips with mom & the boys. There is nothing to compare with Washington, D.C. I love your blog...... Pablo