Monday, October 29, 2012

Nick Turns 33

I hope he's not sensitive about his age.  I'm not.  I could choose not to publish the number, but then I couldn't post a picture of the cake.  And the cake is cute.
 There's a real golf ball in that cup, if you can't tell.
We also had a little brunch party at his mom's house to celebrate both his and Curie's birthday with that side of the family.  It was held the morning after a glorious/disastrous football game between our two high schools.   I made a lemon crepe cake for that occasion.  It was a new experience, and delicious, but very slippery to cut, fyi.  I'd like to post the pictures here, but I updated my iPhoto and now it won't support that memory card.  Hopefully Costco can help me out.  Meanwhile, you can just imagine that everything was perfect and the food was beautiful and everyone's hair was done and no one was still in their PJs.

Happy Birthday (last month), Handsome!

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