Saturday, June 5, 2010

Curie at Disneyland

When I was a baby, my parents left me with Grandma while they and the two boys went to Disneyland. It had occurred to me that just maybe I could ask the same thing of the parents who had left me. Wouldn't we be able to do more with the bigger kids that way? But the thought didn't last long... what would a family vacation be without such a key member of the family?

Curie was great at Disneyland! And I was very impressed with how great Disneyland is about babies. When I am at Target, Big-Brother-in-a-red-shirt-and-khakis constantly harasses me about child/cart safety. Disneyland, on the other hand, trusts you to take care of your own child. Thank you, Disneyland.

Curie was mesmerized by the music and dolls of It's a Small World. This rides takes the prize for family favorite.
The merry-go-round was another hit. We rode this one a lot, as it was conveniently located next to the biggest, baddest roller coaster I have ever experienced, California Screamin'. This kept the kids happy while we switched off on the coaster.
And here she is on Dumbo. See what I mean about Disney trust? The Target control freaks would never let you put your baby in a flying elephant at their store. OK, that came out wrong, but you know what I mean.
Waiting while the big kids rode Autopia.
I just couldn't pick between the two pictures! I had to post both.
Curie spent a lot of time in the stoller or strapped to us in our Baby Bjorn. She was very patient and happy almost all of the time. Thank you, Curie! What a good girl.
Curie Louise has morphed to Curie Lou, Lu-lu, Lu-Bug, Bug, and now Rigby calls her nothing but Buggie. At California Adventure, there is Bugs Land and this show:
How true.
Curie was such a sweetheart at Disneyland. She loved the music, characters, rides, hotel pool, and having her family around her all day long. She clapped and cooed all day. Her babbling increased a lot on the trip, and she even said a babbled, "dee-dee-ahh" several times, which we thought was so funny at "dis-ney-land". She grew very attached to having Nick around all day and is now a daddy's girl. She has also learned to appreciate time to roam and be free of straps and buckles. Ever since we have been home she is much more content to not be held.

She'll never remember this trip, but we will always remember how great it was to have her with us!

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Our Ohana said...

and now she'll never feel neglected for being left behind! You're a good momma! And I love that she has the same cute mouth as you. Little bug!