Monday, June 7, 2010

Storms and Beaches

After a work-week at Disneyland, we were ready for a vacation! It was so fun, but sooo much work. We headed to see some friends just 20 minutes south of Anaheim, the Storms. It was so great to see them! Thank you, Jannah and Justin (and kids!) for welcoming us.

Jannah recommended T Street Beach to us and we spent a day there. It was perfect, and we were lucky to have our hottest day while in California be the day we had planned to spend on the beach.
Nick's brother, Casey, caught a ride from Phoenix to come see us for the day. The kids almost passed out when they found out he was coming. They love their uncle. Who would be more fun than Casey to build sandcastles with?
Nick let Rigby run out into the ocean as soon as we got there (much to my paranoid chagrin). After experiencing the waves on his own, he would not leave my lap until he put on this life vest.
Nick and Curie spent quite a while like this. Pretty cute. Bonding time.
Like I said... pretty cute.
I want to take a magic marker and draw in a surf board here. But that would ruin my monitor.
After the sandcastle was thrashed, Casey built a chaise lounge in preschool size.
And then we buried Curie. What a sport.
California Dreamin'. This is the life!
We left the beach a bit sunburned and covered in sand, but for Washingtonians, it was all worth it for a day like this.

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Our Ohana said...

Such sweet pictures! Little Curie is irresistable with that big smile, and it looked like she had so much fun in the sand! Your kids definitely need another trip out here to Hawaii :) They are too cute as beach kids.