Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rigby at Disneyland

I wouldn't say that Rigby's Disney experience was as life-altering as Bethelle's, but he had a great time. Being a cars/planes/trains/trucks fanatic, I had thought that Autopia would be the biggest hit for him.
But he says that Astro Orbiter was the best.
In truth, he really preferred the slow, pensive rides, like the train around the park,
the merry-go-round,
and It's a Small World.

I had planned to take Rigby back to the hotel everyday for naps, but Nick wanted him to sleep in the park the first day, just to see if he could do it. Thanks, Nick! I got a lot more park time this way, and Rigby did just fine on a bench
or in the stroller
We tried to get in the 40 inches and above rides while he was out (trading off watching him, or course), but occasionally he had to wait for us while conscious. He was a good sport.
When he saw Bethelle's prized lollypop, he wanted one too. Bethelle may have nursed hers for a week, but Rigby's was gone in a couple hours.
Rigby's greatest possession at Disneyland was this Mickey water bottle. He had that thing with him everywhere, which was great because he stayed hydrated and it only cost me $1 (got it before we left town... not in the park)!
Rigby really lit up when there was music playing and characters dancing. He loved the Disney parade and the little bands with characters around the park.

He was great on the trip. Five days in Disneyland is a lot to take, but Rigby was a star and really enjoyed everything!


Kyle said...

The very last picture is definitely a picture of Nick as a child and not Rigby! Glad you guys had a fun time.

Our Ohana said...

Can I just say he is getting so big and handsome?! I love how thick his hair is getting!