Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Uncle Blair Got Married and He was a Prince!

Holly, Charlotte, and Blair
The new and improved Jackson family
Lookin' good
Everyone was saying, "wow, you can really tell they are siblings." I always thought I looked like Troy...
A happy man
Love this one
The cutest addition to the family. We love you Charlotte.
It has been almost two weeks since the wedding, and Charlotte tells everyone she meets, "Mommy got married and she was a princess!"

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Our Ohana said...

I really didn't plan on making a comment on every single one of your new posts when I went to your website this morning, but I can't help it, they're all so precious! I just wanted to say that there is a picture in this post where it looks like your happy face is coming out of a bouquet! Very cute special effect. I want an Elke bouquet!