Monday, June 7, 2010

One More Disneyland Post

Just a few more words and pictures about Disneyland. You may be getting tired of Anaheim posts, but hey, it's my blog.
We spent a lot of time like this. A lot.
On Tom Sawyer's Island.
Sleeping Beauty's Castle. But I don't think I needed to say that.
The whole crew. How cool is it that my brother and new sis-in-law came for a couple days?
This is Grizzly River Run at California Adventure. You can get misted or soaked on this ride. I got soaked.
This "ride" was as important as any other, it seemed. And button pushing had to be negotiated in advance.
Running down the hall to our room at the end was a daily ritual. How do they maintain the energy?
My boyfriend.
Self explanitory.


5 ibarras said...

"and button pushing had to be negotiated in advance"--I LOVE IT!!!

Our Ohana said...

Awesome! But, hey, you got soaked in a white T-shirt? Way to pump up the party, Elke! I'm sure your boyfriend, Goofy, was thrilled :)

Looks like you all had so much fun! Disneyland does have a lot of lines and crowds, but somehow it's all worth it...

Elke said...

The crowds were actually pretty tame M-Th, but Friday was a bit much.

As for the T-shirt, I wore a kitchen garbage bag over my shirt. I still had a drenched face, head, and legs, but the shirt held out. I really should have brought something to sit on...