Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Man Now

Rigby is three.  And precious.
Look how much he has grown in the last year.  He was a baby last October!  Friday night, he reported to Nick that he does his part around here by staying home and taking care of Mommy while Bethelle is at school.  And he does.  What would I ever do without him?

This next picture is his actual birthday.  I never let on to him that he was three now.  We spent the day with the pediatrician getting shots.  Bethelle was more scared than I had ever seen her.  She lucked out with just a nasal mist.  Rigby had just one shot in the leg.  He didn't put weight on it for the next 36 hours.  C'mon, Rigby.  Really?  I had to carry him around all the next day.  Curie had three shots.  She screamed like death.  No, wait, that was Bethelle screaming just watching the shot go into Curie's leg.  Thanks for the help, Bethelle.  The prize goes to my mom for meeting me at the dr's and helping me through the torture session.
 I'm pretty proud of this one.
 We had Rigby's party at the children's museum.  It was nearly a last-minute decision, and I am so glad that we did it.  The stress was minimal and the party was memorable.

Which of these boys is the real Nolan?  It was honestly twins day at the museum.  The boy on the left is a twin, but not with our cousin on the right.  These two looked identical and it was pure coincidence that they wore the same outfit that day.  Rigby kept trying to play with the boy on the left and calling him "Nolan."  He did not understand that this was not his cousin.  I don't blame him.  They were even born in the same month.
 Here's the party.
 Rigby changed his mind at least 30 times regarding the theme of his party.  He only settled on Lightning McQueen because I bought paper plates and made a cake.  He would have liked to change it 20 times more.
 Look at these girls.  Cousin-love is the best.


Our Ohana said...

Happy birthday, Rigby! He really does look so grown up now! So sad when that happens, but he certainly is turning out to be a handsome little guy!

I loved the story about the shots, because I know exactly how that is trying to get that taken care of with 3 at once and them all reacting to it so differently! Bless little Bethelle for being so scared on her sisters behalf! Too cute!

Meagan Kemp said...

Riggs is getting SO big! He looks just like his daddy. And that cake is AMAZING Elke! Way to go!

Garth said...

I have to share a little bit about Rigby. I like to use table runners on my table. I had one that Rigby had never seen before at least that he remembered in his 3 years. It is 7 fabric oak leaves and 5 fabric acorns. When he saw it, he told me that it was pretty and asked me what the "acorns" were called. I told him and told him that they grow on oak trees with the oak leaves. Just before he and his family left our house that night, he asked me again what those "acorns" were called. He had forgotten, but wanted to remember. Rigby has always been so sweet and so observant. When he was between 1 and 2 years old and on, if someone in the group started talking about it being time to leave, he would start rounding up shoes and not just his own. He has also always been very considerate. If he gets a treat, he wants to be sure that Bethelle and Curie get one also.
We sure love you (Happy Birthday!) Rigby,
Grandma and Grandpa J.

Rushton's said...

Very nice job on the cake! Birthdays are fun and lots of work for mommies! You did amazing. oh, and glad I have a zuppa tuscona soup lover friend!