Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Our Next Stage

He did it!  He did it!  He did it!  He did it!  He did it!  He did it!

Nice work, Nick!

For almost two years, Nick and I have been planning on a temporary move to San Fran, contingent upon getting a promotion that leads to training in the Bay Area.  The earliest that could happen would be January.  We have made many big decisions and future plans based on this move.

All along the way, co-workers have been telling us that Nick is a shoe-in, we don't need to worry, etc.  Then we found out that there were over 200 applicants, but only 33 positions.  If we didn't get in now, we could not try again until June.

For the lasts few weeks, Nick has been interviewing and testing locally and in San Francisco.  And today we got the great news!  All our planning and Nick's hard work have paid off.

Nick feels blessed to work for such a great company and hopes to be with them for the duration of his career.

Congrats, Nick!


Ashley C said...

Congrats! That will be fun! I've heard great things about that area.

JM Inc. said...

So what does this mean? You must elaborate...And congratulations, of course!!!

Me and My Boys said...

YEAH!!! I'm so excited for you guys, hopefully now you can settle down. How fun will California be. I love new adventures! Good Luck!

christina said...

Yay!! San Francisco is beautiful!!

Our Ohana said...

You guys are moving to SF now then!? Awesome!!! For how long???