Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Baby Tears

Curie is quickly becoming a picky eater.  She loves fruit and any kind of treat (which are very new in her life).  Oh, and cheese.  She loves most common cheeses.  That's about it.  She's not big on breads, vegetables, or meat.

Her pickiness has been escalating lately, so last night we gave her strained beef stew (from Deceptively Delicious, so yummy!).  It had tons of veggies and beef.  She wouldn't even touch it.  She cried and cried and we wouldn't budge.  Eventually, we got her out of her chair, but whenever she acted hungry that evening, which was often, we only gave her back her stew.

I did give her milk, as usual, before bed, but she was a very sad camper last night.

And then I did it again today at lunch time.  She went down for her nap very sad again.  I do keep offering food, but she won't take what I'm giving her.

It's OK, right?  I'm being a good mommy, right?

It seems that whenever I have applied the stick-to-it approach to parenting (taking away the pacifier, sleeping through the night, or teaching that Mommy is making dinner and you need to play on your own now), it has generally taken about three sad days to accomplish the task.

But she will eat if she needs to, right?


Dana said...

You are a great mom! You can do it! She won't starve herself to death. (I would say just give her a nice variety of healthy foods.) I've seen SOOO many kids who won't eat anything healthy, so you are doing the right thing.

Our Ohana said...

That's always such a hard lesson to teach as a parent, because you don't want them to grow up picky, but it's hard to see them go hungry as well - it goes against our very instincts! You do whatever you feel is right for teaching your young ones. You love them and know them best, and however you choose to teach them I'm sure it will work out in the end! Just to give you a little hope, Savanna was the pickiest little girl for a long time, but we persevered with offering her everything we always had, and although a lot of food went wasted, she DID outgrow it! Now she eats almost anything, and tries new things all the time! Good luck!