Friday, May 13, 2011

Alamo Square

I'm running out of time!  Last weekend we made it out to Alamo Square, a large block park in the heart of residential San Francisco.  Alamo's claim to fame is bordering some of the city's most iconic homes, the Painted Ladies.  Can't you just hear the Full House theme song running through your head?
We promised the kids a chance at the playground after a few quick pictures with the houses.  Sometimes adults make no sense to kids, but they put up with us. 
As detailed as this house may look, the camera really did not capture half of it.
Off to the playground.  What a fun surprise!  The toys matched the houses.
When the kids had run themselves quite ragged, we explored the trails of the park, one of Bethelle's favorite activities.  And we stumbled across a gem.  A garden of shoes.

Only in San Francisco would something like this evolve.
The shoes were old and dirty, but some of them had a lot of style.  How does something like that begin? Should I have a shoe garden at my house?
Looks like Curie may have made a small contribution to the garden herself.

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Our Ohana said...

LOVE this! I want to start a shoe garden now! How fun!