Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Santa Cruz

Last Tuesday, we all went to Santa Cruz, a beach town with a boardwalk carnival.  I realize that our life lately is not normal.  We are spoiling ourselves and our kids.  My rationale is that I am the kind of person who will live in one place forever, if I have my way.  This trip is a rare chance to live somewhere else for a short while.  So live we will!  I'll be a California girl, through and through, for five short months!

We rode the ferris wheel.
We flew in airplanes.
And we swam on the backs of orcas.
We went on this kiddie coaster three times.  In a row.  There was no line.
While the big kids coastered, Curie drove a truck around the park.  Also three times.  Maybe four.  Then Bethelle and Nick went on the spinning room ride in the background of this picture.  It's the one where you spin so fast, gravity gets all messed up and then they tip you 90 degrees.  Both of them agreed that it was nauseous torture.
See that beach right by the rides?  This is why people love California.
My favorite people!
This ride was more fun than I remembered.
And this one made me nervous.  It was very high and lasted seven minutes, carrying us across the park in open, ski lift-like cars.  Hold on to your babies!  But Nick was sitting in his lucky number 11, so we made it out OK.

The rides close at six (so get there early).  This gave us an evening on the beach.  I must mention with this picture that an era has ended.  I knew it would someday.  Having Nick with us for eight straight days made the difference.  He is now Curie's favorite.  And Bethelle and Rigby's, for that matter.  I get a short year and a half or so out of each baby.  That's what all my efforts buy me.  Then they switch to him.  I may sound like I am griping, but it's sarcasm.  I really appreciate that I married the kind of Daddy who can be the favorite.
Nick says the water is practically as cold here as in the northwest, but it seems a lot warmer to me.

Did I make you want to see Santa Cruz?  Good.  But visit soon, so that we can go with you.

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JM Inc. said...

Elke, you are beginning to see why I will always consider myself a California girl, though I spent a good portion of my school years with you in Washington. Though a lot of the sites you are seeing are quite a bit north of my old stomping grounds, it still reminds me of all th reasons I grow nostalgic for California now and then. You will be so glad you made the most of your stay, Im sure. Can't wait to catch up in person! IT looks like I willbe in Wa. This summer due to Grandmas diagnosis. Maybe late July or early August. When are you guys back in Wa.?