Sunday, May 8, 2011

John (9)

I could write about Mothers' Day, or I could show you the so-cute pictures that I took of Curie last week.  And I probably will, but not now.

First I want to tell you about what I learned today in Sunday school.  Our text was John, chapter 9.  In this part of the New Testament, Christ comes across a man who was blind from birth.  His disciples inquire who caused this punishment on the man.  Was it due to the sins of himself or his parents?  Jesus teaches them that we are not given our trials due to our sins, "but that the works of God should be made manifest" in us through our trials.

Christ then heals the man of his blindness in front of witnesses.  When later pressed, the man and the witnesses cannot refuse that a miracle occurred and that Christ must be what he says he is.

I've had this lesson many times before.  But this time was different when a man in class, John, commented.  John is himself blind.  He has the white-tipped cane, the sunglasses, the whole bit.  He became that way at 40 and said that he went through a period of suffering and blame and depression.  Then one day he decided that he didn't want his condition to make him that kind of a person and to ruin his life.  He said that he pulled himself out of his misery through prayers and the scriptures.  I've only known John for four months, but he is absolutely amazing.  He's bright and considerate and motivated.  I would never have thought that he went through such a dark time.  He just seems too strong.  Miraculous as the healing of the blind man in the New Testament was, I think that John's spiritual and mental healing was even more vital and miraculous, more essential to who John really could become.  And there he was, a "manifestation" of God's power and goodness, right there in the room as we marveled over the example in the scriptures.

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Jacquelyn Marie said...

That was an amazing lesson today. I'm so glad we found each others' blogs! :-D