Saturday, May 7, 2011

Wave Organ

My blog has turned into a San Francisco travel guide.  There is just so much to do here.  For our next adventure, we visited the Wave Organ at the San Francisco Marina.

It is a happy little place built on the ruins of some tiny little building at the end of a skinny jetty.  Pipes come up from the surface of the water...
 ...and end in little listening ports where you can sit and listen to the music made by the crashing waves.
Isn't that a beautiful concept?  Nature creates the music.  That reminds me of the bridge at the SFMOMA that I wrote about earlier in this post.
I had this crazy idea that we would take some great family pictures while we were there.  While this did turn out to be one of our favorite places in the city, pictures don't work so well here.

The wind was whipping!
And the sun was so bright!

Most of our pictures have hair in faces, or a mass of squinting eyes.  We did get a few nice ones, though.  Just look at my favorite little man.  He found a hole to crawl in that was just his size.

Bethelle would rarely stop exploring the endless crannies of the sculpted ruins to smile for the camera.
And Curie.  Well, she's a bit of a pill lately.  She is a D.I.V.A.  We are trying to break this.  Really, we are.  But for now she does just what she wants to do.  The trick then becomes to manipulate her into wanting to do something cute.  Something photogenic.
The holes in the wall behind the kids are more listening ports.  At adult height, they surround your ears.  This is one of the best places to sit at the wave organ and has a beautiful view just to ice the cake.
Nick seemed to enjoy himself.

You can see how long and skinny this jetty is.  It is a bit of a walk from the closest parking lot.  But city life accustoms your legs to walking.
I hope that we will make it out to the wave organ one more time before we leave our little big city.

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Our Ohana said...

these pictures turned out gorgeous! I love the bright pink.