Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wells Fargo Museum

We're here in San Fran because of Wells Fargo, and we're hitting as many museums as we can, so it was only a matter of time before we made it to the Wells Fargo Museum.  We planned ahead and came on "Take Your Kids to Work" day.  Of course, Nick was working, so for us it was "Take Your Kids to Your Husband's Work" day.

There was a little something for everybody.  Curie and Rigby like the coloring and riding this horse-drawn wagon.

Bethelle liked those, but she also got into using this olde timey telephone.
The museum had a saddle to mount in front of a large screen which played a scene of riding down a bumpy trail, old historical telegraphs (WF has been around for a looong time), a telegraph machine to learn Morse code on, gold to weigh on a balance, and a carriage that jostled to ride in.
As there is an "Old West" theme to the museum, I let the kids each bring a Toy Story toy.  Rigby brought his Woody cowboy hat, Curie brought Bullseye, the horse, and Bethelle brought the cowgirl doll, Jessie.  We crossed Jessie street on our way back from the museum and had to snap this shot.

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