Thursday, August 11, 2011

Curie Kickboxing

I know you want to see a picture, but I didn't have a phone or camera with me, so you'll have to use your imagination until next time!

I took the kids to an informal kickboxing class with me in the church gym.  The idea is that the kids run around in half of the gym while the moms workout in the other half.  Bethelle, being the little-me that she is, joined me for some of the exercise.  Curie, being the little-Bethelle that she is, joined her big sister.  Let's remember that Curie is not quite two years old.  That little toddler can hold her own on the kickboxing floor.  Funny as it was to all, I was impressed by how well she watched and mimicked the teacher.

Her workout did not last long.  I don't think she'll be sore tomorrow.

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Our Ohana said...

I love that little girl and I haven't even met her!