Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Staycation 2011 - Chinook Pass

Driving out to the pass, I took a little nap to recover from the 3 am games the night before.  When I opened my eyes, this was the first thing I saw.
Definitely time to wake up!  Check out the other scenes I captured as we drove.
See?  I told you we were driving.

Trees.  I know they'll never love me back, but I just can't help it!
This one does love me back, so it's all good.  Not the mountain; the silhouette.
Does it look like we went to the beach up in the pass?
Nope.  Not the beach.  Have you ever been in the hot August snow?
You might not know it, but this was the hottest day of our summer so far.  Rolling around in that snow seemed like it might be a good idea.
Sorry, Pabby, you're not to the top yet.
Trisha and family, looking good as usual.
The greens were even greener in person.  And the blues...  Oh, the blues!
Nick's 'rents and brother, Kyle.  This whole outing was the brain-child of Patsy.  Sweet idea, Grandma!
I'd want to live here if I was that pretty, too.
Rigby, looking a bit like Paul Bunyan next to that tree.  For the first and last time.

Somebody told us that this part of the trail was "totally do-able" for the kids.  That person has never met a kid.  Curie rode in a pack on my back and basically screamed whenever I was on the snow.  I think she felt the mortality of her life and her complete helplessness all in one.
But the hike was well worth these views.  Seriously, don't you want to go?
I couldn't quite get the mountain to show up in the pictures, but it was incredible.
See how the mountain disappears?  It's actually in that blank area between the trees.  Oh well, the people are incredible, too.
Kyle, looking good.  Who wants to bet that this will be his facebook profile pic in the next 24 hours?
Hiking up was tricky, but hiking down was impossible.  Fortunately, the way out had already been blazed.  I wasn't sure what Curie would think of our path, but when she saw the first person slide down, she exchanged the screams for, "I try?  I try?"

Bethelle ran back up for a second go.
Grandmas can have fun too!
That's a picture of elation.  Rigby has never been able to hide his.

At last, a picture of the whole crew.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic Photography Elke, what a weekend, we sure had a good time. Thanks for the Hospitality, also, Pablo.

Ashley C said...

That looks like so much fun and so beautiful!

Our Ohana said...

Now you have me wanting to move to Washington so much!!! Hmmm, wonder if Ryan is feeling suggestible right now...