Monday, August 22, 2011

Staycation 2011 - Green River Gorge

Staycations are becoming a regular family tradition around here.  Maybe you remember last year's posts on Ocean Shores and the Seattle Center?

The tricks to a staycation are to block the time out completely (no jumping ship for a quick meeting or doctor appointment) and to do something that you would never do on a normal weekend.  With these rules in mind, last Friday found our extended family at the Green River Gorge.  Isn't it gorgeous?

We munched and played and swam in the river with cousins.
You really should click on this next picture to fully appreciate the cuteness of that face!
Cousin Allie on the rocks...
Pabby and his boys...
Nick and his brother, Kyle, with our girlies.
The river was expectedly cold at first, but ultimately felt great on the hot day.

Sending a big, "Thank you!" to Trish for sitting on the river bank with the littlest babies while I got to swim across and explore the other side with the three-and-up crowd.  The rocks over there were pretty tough on my feet, but we found crawfish and a rope swing (semi-functional) and more than enough empty beer cans.  ;(
Even drying off to head home can be cute.

This picture is missing someone.  Next year, Case!
The whole crew then headed to our house, where we put four kids in one room for the night (good luck!) and then played a couple intense rounds of our favorite game, Bang!.  These games may or may not have lasted until after 3 am.  Warning: do not try this game if you value your sleep.

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