Friday, August 5, 2011

Mud Mountain Dam

It was like a one-day vacation.  The kind of vacation where you bring your three little kids but not your husband.  So, it was like a vacation for the kids.

Some of my new friends and I packed our kids and too much stuff for a day at Mud Mountain Dam.  Just to be clear, I never saw mud, a mountain, or a dam while I was there.  What I did see was my kids enjoying themselves all day on these play structures and digging in this sand.
To the other side of our little encampment was this pool.  That's Bethelle behind the falling water.
It was nice to acknowledge and celebrate a hot day here in western Washington.  This has been one of the coldest summers ever.  I know, I know, it beats the record heatwave in the rest of the country, but couldn't we all just get together and share?  I'd be happy to take a few degrees from those of you with some to spare.


Elise said...


(Your child-vacation looked fun. :) )

Our Ohana said...

We had a cold summer last year too - well, except for maybe 2 days when it was too hot to even go out. Canberra doesn't like moderation, apparently. Love the pictures!