Saturday, May 25, 2013

Father Daughter Princess Ball

Our school district hosts a father daughter dance every year.  Having missed it last year, this was Bethelle and Nick's first crack at the event.  The theme was princess, and it could not have been more fitting for our girl.
Bethelle really looked forward to this for a long time.  She had everything planned.  Many of her friends bought new dresses for the event, but when you go to church every week and your mama likes you to be pretty.... well, there was already plenty to choose from.  Bethelle loves this gold dress, and I think it suited the evening well.

It's funny how I supposedly have no involvement in the evening (father and daughter, right?) and yet none of this could happen without me.  I make sure Nick keeps his evening clear, I do all the preparatory laundry, I make an early dinner, I order and pick up the corsage, I make the headband, I do the hair, I take the pictures, and then I sit home on what could have been my date night, or at least my night to have help with the kids, and clean up the day's mess while watching the three youngest and doing bedtime solo.

You'd better believe I was involved.

They had a great, great time.  So it was all worth it.

Nick sent me a few cell phone pictures from the dance.  The lighting was poor, but they tell the story.

 And oh, what a story it was.

You'll notice that in two of the four pictures that Nick sent, Bethelle is drinking.  Being thirsty, she had gone to the snack table to get some punch.  They had just run out, so the lady working the tables asks Nick, "Is it OK if she has some apple juice?" and gets her a cup.  Of course it's OK.  It's apple juice, right?  Why even ask?

It wasn't apple juice.  The evening was a dance; a loud dance.  Mouth the words "apple juice."  See how it feels on your lips.  Now mouth the words "Mountain Dew."  Mountain Dew!  Yes, they feel the same.  They look the same in a loud room.  They are not the same.  In our home, we drink milk, water, and green smoothies.  Juice is rare.  Pop (soda... whatever) never happens.  No one in this house ever consumes caffeine.  And my seven year-old was OK'd for a cup of the world's most caffeinated common carbonated drink.  According to her best friend, she was a riot: she partied hard and then crashed even harder.  By the time Nick realized, it was too late.  But at least it was funny.  And it had to happen to the Mormon girl.

Fortunately for Princess Bethelle, she had her handsome Prince Daddy by her side through her episode.  They danced and sang and had a wonderful evening.  Then they came home to the Mommy and lived happily ever after.


Rita said...

What a sweet pair!!! Daddy should always be the first to buy/give his girl flowers. We all know how much Mommy puts into these events. What is lacking here is the picture with Mommy. We know she is behind the camera. She needs to get in front of it more. I vote for more pictures of Mommy with the kids and with Dad. Guess I am a bit prejudice, 'cause I am the Mom's Mom.
Love, Grandma J.

Marisa said...

Gotta love the Dew. :)