Saturday, May 25, 2013

We Play Basketball

It's what we do.

If you are any relation to my husband, you do to.

At seven years old, Bethelle got her first taste of team basketball.  Though I can't say she was the dominating stand-out on her team (there really wasn't one), I can certify that her skill improved drastically over the course of the season.

Unfortunately, I do not have very many pictures to document the season.  This is because practices and games were all on Monday and Wednesday evenings.  On Mondays, I sent Nick with maybe one or two more kids and I stayed home with Pierce and anyone else.  On Wednesdays, Nick was busy as a youth leader at church, so if I didn't carpool, I had the full crew there with me.  The sidelines were small and the kids were wild, so the camera didn't make much of an appearance.

But what we have, we have to share:

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Rita said...

Now that is the way to play family basketball. Love those kids!!! Grandma J.