Sunday, May 19, 2013

Cookies, Cookies, Everywhere

I am still swimming in my guilt.  Having done the bare minimum as a mother while pregnant, I am trying to set new expectations with these three siblings.  I am hoping that they will think that I might sometimes say, "Yes!  Let's do that!"

With this in mind, we took cookie sales to a whole new level this year.  I probably didn't need to say that.  A picture is worth at least the 14 words in that sentence.
There were pre-sale orders.  There were pick-ups and deliveries.
There were grocery store booths.
There were office visits.
Who wouldn't want to buy cookies from this crew?
 And if you were able to make it past them, ain't nobody gettin' past this guy.
 Rain or shine, the cookies must be sold!

 All in all, I'm proud of her courage and effort.  She earned most of her money for girl scout camp this summer and got some prizes too, plus additional money for her troop.  They have lots of fun plans for learning and enrichment.  Nice work, team.  (Oh, and think of us next year.  We'll be back.)

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