Sunday, September 26, 2010

Merry Christmas, Elke!

Nick and I finally cashed in on our Christmas present from his parents: a stay at a great hotel in downtown Seattle and babysitting while we're gone.  It was sooo refreshing.
After packing up the car, picking up Bethelle from school, and dropping the kids off at Grandma's, I began my weekend of freedom by cutting off all the hair I had been growing since Curie was born.  I picked Nick up at work before two, and we were officially kid-free and on vacation for the next 27 hours.  We ate burgers, hit golf balls, walked around the city, polished off sumptuous gelato, rented a movie, and ordered take-out at midnight.  The hotel had an outdoor pool (which was actually warm) and spa.  From the water, we were surrounded by the ambiance of skyscrapers.  I think that is a first for me!

The next morning we rode the ducks!  I've seen these things running around my whole life, but never actually been tourist enough to get in one.
This thing drives around the city like a tour bus, then effortlessly drops down into Lake Union.  We saw the Sleepless in Seattle house, seaplanes taking off, a ten million dollar yacht, the Fremont bridge troll, and more, all from the duck.  After our tour we ate lunch at the local Brazilian rodizio, Ipanema.  People rave about it, but I don't think those people have spent much time in Utah.  I don't give Utah credit very often, but I think they get the prize for best rodizios in the states.

We headed back to the kids in time for me to go to a church meeting with my mom while Nick watched our kids and three of their cousins.  Good work, Nick!  When I finally got back to my babies, Bethelle almost hyperventilated to see me, Rigby didn't recognize me with my short hair, and Curie set a new world record for fastest crawling by a baby.  It was good to get away, but even better to have them back again.  Mostly.


Dana said...

I almost commented on your hair at the meeting! I don't see you often enough to know that it was new! Way cute! It was good to see you! One of these days when Bethelle or Aaron don't have school, we should get them together!(the last week of Oct. he has no school!)

Jenny said...

Hi Elke! Great to see you in blogger land. I found you through your comment on Katie Butler's blog.

Brad and I stayed at the Camlin last year for a little get fun! I love that it's right in the middle of everything downtown. Looks like you guys had a wonderful, much deserved, mini-vacation!

Our Ohana said...

Good for you! You two waited way too long for that present - it's almost the next Christmas, you know! I'm so glad you got to have a special day, just the two of you! I want to see your haircut!

Meagan Kemp said...

I can't believe you mentioned you cut all your hair off and then didn't give us a picture when you clearly had an adoring hubby who would've loved to have taken a shot. Hmmmm...maybe you were busy with other wonderful things. :) Either way, I second Sara's request for a pic of your new haircut :)