Monday, September 20, 2010

Where the Air is Clear

Apartment life can really make you itchy to get out.

So we packed up our soccer balls and headed to the park.  We played a little two-on-two, with Curie chewing on the goal markers.

Then we realized we had this in the car.
The pictures were taken with the phone, but I wanted to document here the fun we had with that kite.  Bethelle really got the hang of it.  She maneuvered it like a pro.  She can now get it up by herself and keep it up well.  She even does "tricks."

While Bethelle was on strings, Rigby laid in the grass (OK, turf...) and watched the clouds move.  He was enthralled.  Until he spilled his water bottle on his face.  He cried so inconsolably, I thought something was really wrong, but it turned out he was just that upset that his reverie was interrupted.

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