Sunday, September 26, 2010

It Happened

Bethelle has been so patient, waiting for that loose tooth to fall out.  It has been wiggly for almost a month!

While eating lunch today, she suddenly got so excited.  When she found her composure again, she ran to Nick and I with a little white bud in her hand.  Rigby joined in the excitement, and shouted, "hip, hip, HOORAY!"  She has already washed it, put it in a baggie, and slipped it under her pillow for tonight.


Meagan Kemp said...

What a lucky little girl. AND what a lucky tooth fairy, making it's first trip to your house tonight :)

Ashley C said...

She is such a beautiful little girl.

Also, I love your couch. Can you tell me where you got it or who makes it? I'm looking for a set like that.

Our Ohana said...

She's not showing off her gap! Tell her congratulations, she's growing up so fast!

Ashley C said...

Thanks for the info on the couch. I am all about the microfiber. It's the best. Now I just need to convince my husband that we need a new living room set... :)