Friday, September 3, 2010


On the first full day of kindergarten, Bethelle says that they learned about squares, triangles, and the numbers 1 and 2. Although I don't think that there is anything new that she might have learned about those subjects, she told me about it with enthusiasm. And we both agreed that those are great numbers.

Which reminded me of calculus (hard to follow, I know. Just keep reading). I took one semester of calculus in high school, then graduated early. Because one high school semester is not equivalent to one college semester, I had to take college calc from the beginning. This meant a lot of review, but that was fine because I remembered how hard high school calc had been and I figured I could use the review.

As I sat in lectures, my previous encounter with the subject made it easy for me. But I wasn't bored. I was loving it. "Loving calculus?" you ask. Yeah, because I got to see the beauty of it rather than just scramble to work through the confusion like I had the first time.

Honestly, I would love to break open that college text (which I kept) and just pour through every problem. Because I still love it.

So maybe kindergarten will be OK.


Garth said...

Dear Bethelle, We like 1 and 2 also. Just thought we would tell you. We also like squares and triangles. They are everywhere. Most of all we love you and your family, every one! Love, Grandma and Grandpa Jackson

Our Ohana said...

You're nuts, woman. I wish I loved math the way you do, and then maybe that part of uni wouldn't have been so stressful!