Thursday, September 30, 2010

More Than Words

In her free time (wait a minute... she's five... it's all free time), Bethelle enjoys plugging away at her workbooks.  Since she has begun to read well, she can sit and do them almost independently, although she prefers that I sit by her.  I try to at least be working on something in the same room.

Yesterday, when she had finished working and moved on to some other form of entertainment, I began cleaning up her work space and found her book open to this:
In this exercise, you read the poem on the left page, then answer the questions on the right.  I find that she generally answers quickly and correctly without looking back at the poem.

Look closely at her last answer:
Q: What is your favorite thing?  Why?
A: Mom and dad      thaye tac car [of me]


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Garth said...

To our sweet Bethelle. You do have a wonderful Mom and Dad. We love you! Grandma and Grandpa J.