Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Day at the Lake

Still documenting Summer for you.  And for me.

We had a few great weeks of heat.  In western Washington, our beautiful summer days are about as good as life ever gets.  The blue sky here is beautiful.  We don't always see it, but when we do, it is a better blue than you'll find in sunnier places.  We really missed its color when we lived in California.  Couple that with the Puget Sound, flowing rivers, vibrant green trees, hills and snow-capped mountains, and you can imagine why these are the days for which we all live.  But add to the heat our moderate humidity and the lack of air conditioning in most homes, and people start to get a little testy when the heat crosses a certain line.

Well, the heat crossed that line for a few glorious weeks this summer.  I say glorious, because I am one of the lucky few with AC.  And that kind of heat certainly helps us all to enjoy our beautiful outdoors.

We took the chance to explore a new-to-us local lake.  With as tight as our time seems, moments like these are magical ones for the family.  That's my crew, huddled together with the larger-than-life turtle.
 I did get in for a swim or two, but also played the part of observer and baby-tender much of the time.  But just look at the sweet face I tend.

 I love how his eyelashes caught the sunlight.
 The other kids would join me to warm up in the sun from time to time.
What a day!

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Ashley C said...

Curie look so much like you in that last pic!