Friday, October 19, 2012

Staycation 2012: Chambers Bay

And I am still blogging the summer.  I know that the post loses a certain je ne sais quoi when not documented live, but I refuse to admit defeat and skip ahead to the present.  Just like I didn't just burn all the laundry last week and start from scratch.  Some day, I will and must catch up.  Until then, we get by, trying feebly to capture the subtle memories with the deeper meanings and smelling for the socks that seem the least abused.

After the lake (previous post), we all headed homeward, stopping at this picturesque golf course/park, Chambers Bay.  I was, I believe, the last to arrive on this scene.  The men were off to the left, throwing a frisbee, and the kids settled in with grandma the the snacks on this blanket.  Don't they just make you want to sing "Do, a deer, a female deer..."

 The picture taking of staycation baseball seems as traditional as the baseball playing itself.  Some day, these action pics will make a fun, progressive collection.

 Pierce was learning about the proper way to catch a frisbee and how to do a no-look pass.
 Try to caption this picture.  I cannot.

 Don't I live in a beautiful place?  This picture has not been photoshopped in any way.
 Uncle Casey.  He is so good to come up from Arizona each year for a staycation that really has no "stay" in it for him.  Between locations, our caravan of travelers stopped at a gas station in Olympia.  This uncle hopped out to surprise the kids with push-pops.  It's a small thing, but big of him to think of them.

 While wandering around the grassy area above and its neighboring train tracks and bridge, we promised the kids we would end the day at a park.  It got pretty cold (see Curie, above), but when we tried to take back the promised wrap-up, there was a near revolt.  We kept our word.

 Thanks for the memories.  See you next summer.

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