Sunday, October 21, 2012

First (and second) Day of School

Second grade.  It was hard to tell if the end of summer was anything to regret in Bethelle's eyes.  She loves school and was pumped for her first day.  She had been assigned the teacher that she had hoped for and was in the same class as her best friend.  What more could a seven year-old ask from life?
 Waiting for the bus!
We sure missed her at home that day.  Bethelle is Rigby's best friend, and she is my most able helper.  She adds a peace to our family that we don't like to live without.  Everyone is just happier when she is around.  We were all pretty excited when it was time to go meet her at the bus stop.
 Day two.  Can you get a sense of her favorite color?
 It was pretty hot that day, as you can see by the spot Rigby chose as we stood waiting for the bus in the afternoon.  Yes, that is supposed to be grass.  We nearly hit a record for consecutive days without rain in this region: 48 days.  Three more would have hit the record.  And it was only 14 minutes of rain that stopped us.
 Nick thought we should celebrate the heat with an evening at the lake.  We got there just as everyone else left.

 And it was there that I spotted this natural occurrence.  Don't you want to touch it?  It feels like a cloud.
 I only get in the water when there is a good chance of getting my body heat back up without a hot bath.  So I just took the pictures.

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