Friday, October 19, 2012

Recreating the Moment

Curie and Allie.
 When their big sisters were older, my sister-in-law and I bought the girls these dresses and took them to a studio for the most adorable photo shoot.  The girls spontaneously erupted into a game of Ring Around the Rosie, and the pictures were adorable.  I wish I had digital copies to post here, but they are still framed and honored on Grandma's wall.
 These two were finally big enough for the dresses, but life is too complicated and crazy now to devote a day to a recreation in the studio, so we gave it a quick try in the park.

 As you can see, I had a tough time narrowing the selection down to just the best ones.

 Really, Mom?  More Ring Around the Rosie?

 This is real love.

 These little ladies really blossomed in their friendship during this staycation.  They show more interest in playing together than I recall with my other kids at this age.  Sometimes, kids just want to play near each other, but do their own thing.  Not these two.  I think the appeal for them is that two can come up with a lot more mischief than one!  We are going to have to keep tight reins on this crew as they grow up!

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Rita said...

What cutie patooties. Did I spell that made up word right. Think back on your owls eyes. I think they had a wonderful photo session. Love, Grandma J.