Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Asher's Birthday

Summer birthday parties are always the most exciting for the attendees and don't require the expense of magicians or rented gyms to entertain scores of kids on a rainy day.

For my nephew's birthday, the family all met up at a local park I had never been to.  We will definitely be going back.  The play area was designed to be tactile and experience oriented, not just your usual monkey bars, and there was a fun splash-park, which is rare around here because the weather doesn't often require splashing.

The birthday boy had requested mac'n'cheese for the big day, so his obliging daddy brought the camping stove and the Kraft boxes to the park.  I remember loving that as a kid, but to me the stuff tastes pretty similar to the cardboard it is packed it.  So there was also pizza to keep those of us with "more discerning palettes" from going hungry.
 It seems that I did not get a picture of the birthday boy, but he was thrilled to receive a Batman longboard, which made his grandma visibly nervous.  Mom, you've gone a bit soft.  We rode up and down our street on an old Nash skateboard regularly, and in the days before kids wore helmets in their own neighborhoods.

Pierce was good for me and kept mostly to his carseat, which I needed because Nick made it to only about 30 minutes of the event and I was CEOing the rest of the family's park activities.
 I snapped this quick pick right as my camera/phone was dying.  Sorry about the fuzz, but what a cool park.  And what a cool Bethelle to climb so high.  Rigby also climbed, but didn't quite get as high in practice as he had previously in his mind.

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