Sunday, April 14, 2013

DON'T READ THIS if love makes you gag

Watch out.  This one's about Valentine's Day.

Our family Valentine tradition is to have a yummy, red breakfast.  I think I have figured out why I love breakfast foods so much.  It is because they have a lot in common with desserts.
 Our "breakfast" consisted of strawberry milkshakes,
 red velvet crepes with cream cheese filling, and chocolates.  And what is breakfast without a little gift?
 I guess you could say that I love them.  Yeah.  I do.

I went out to dinner with my handsome man, too, who turns out to be just as smart as he is handsome.  He made dinner reservations for a time that would generally be considered too early to be romantic.  But it was the perfect time to catch this view from the restaurant.  Take note, men.
 And the dinner looked good too.  I had lobster bisque and this salmon concoction.
 Then I wanted to walk around the mall for a few minutes while we still had a sitter.  Check out these babies.  Too bad you could only wear them one day a year.  Can we say, "over the top"?
 And speaking of over-the-top, thanks for my mounds of roses, Nick!  They are beeee-utiful.

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