Monday, May 19, 2008

Book Report

I just finished reading Jane Eyre. OK, I just finished listening to Jane Eyre. How else does a mother read? You cannot hold a book and do the dishes at the same time. I am impressed by a couple of thoughts.

Jane is a strong character. Despite her destitute circumstances from birth, she has an inner sense of self-worth. This sense does not lead her to feel deserving and sorry for herself as much as it makes her motivated to achieve and to reprove those who misuse her.

One other character surprised me. I've seen a couple versions of the movie, and St. John Rivers has always seemed simply kind and well intentioned. I did not like him in the book, although Jane always repects him. He is a clergyman who, I believe, uses his "clergy power" in unrighteous dominion. He tells Jane that she must marry him and be his missionary-wife, or she'll burn with the sinners. He "knows" what is best for her, when she has had no hint of personal revelation that this is to be her course. To my dismay, Jane falls for this for a while. There is just one fleeting thought of despotism. It seems inconsistent with her character.

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